A Next Generation Financial Wellness Benefit

For employees: a personal vision for financial security and enhanced financial literacy.
For employers: low risk, a valued competitive benefit, and a small price tag.

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Employees Learn to Balance Today With Tomorrow

Empowerment through strategic thinking (not investment advice!)

No special expertise required. The tool makes more complex steps easy.

Budgets to Spend Smarter - Employees Can:

Forecasts for the Future - Employees Can:

Employer Sponsored Financial Wellness

Does Your Financial Wellness Program Add Up?

As employers look for new ways to attract, retain and engage talent, financial wellness programs in the workplace are increasingly a competitive necessity.

According to the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the average employer offering a Financial Wellness benefit spends $144 per employee per year or $12 per employee per month. FinanSavvy will cost you less than $1 per employee per month.

Financial stress is common, and work suffers.
54% of Americans say their financial situation is "only fair" or "poor". 4


Bridge the Financial Services Gap

Offer employees vital Strategic Planning capabilities that they cannot find elsewhere.

For the gainfully employed, financial stress is usually the result inadequate strategic planning. Strategic planning provides context for the more generally available tactical services like spend tracking or portfolio management. We believe an effective Financial Wellness program must:

  • Help employees come up with spending strategies that balance now and the future.
  • Enable employees to see a realistic path to attaining dearly held goals and permanently achieving financial viability.
  • Be intuitive enough for anyone to use and benefit from.
  • Be low cost enough to be accessible to HR professionals without extensive approvals, and minimize the impact on funding other programs and benefits.

The FinanSavvy Financial Wellness Program

Effective, affordable and completely turnkey.

Get on a fast track to delivering a uniquely valuable wellness program to your employees. With FinanSavvy you gain:

  • A low risk option. Avoid the liabilities associated with providing services offering investment advice. Avoid the security risks associated with requiring bank and investment account credentials.
  • An approach free of conflict. No investment products or services to sell.
  • A solution offered as a hosted service that is implemented and managed for you, secure and scalable.
  • Affordable at always less than $1 per employee per month.

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