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Budgets to Spend Smarter

Forecasts to Plan Your Best Future

A Forecast You Personalize in Detail

Plan To Achieve Your Goals.

What do I need to earn, save and gain from investing to achieve my long term goals? Am I on track?

Provide your expectations and assumptions, then FinanSavvy presents a detailed lifelong forecast of what your available financial assets would be.

  • Control all of the assumptions in your Forecast.
  • Chart a completely personalized journey using Life Events.
  • Account for everything that will impact your outcomes including taxes and inflation.
  • Use calculators to help you set assumptions like tax rates or investment allocations.
  • Use Wizards to create Life Events to reflect plans like major purchases or retirement.
  • Graph forecasted assets, investments, income, spending and more.
  • View a detailed written summary of your Financial Plan.

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household budgets, retirement and financial planning software

More Than Budgets - Strategic Spending Plans

Decision Support For Spending.

Can I improve my lifestyle without spending more? How much can I spend?

Smarter spending and planning for the the future is what FinanSavvy is all about.

  • Organize spending into standard and custom categories.
  • Record spending as weekly, monthly or annual.
  • Graphically analyze spending by category.
  • Benchmark spending vs. national averages.
  • Easily make 'what-if' comparisons, enabling and disabling line-items on the fly.
  • Apply budgets to long term forecasts.

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household budgets, retirement and financial planning software

The Missing Piece In Your Finance Technology Portfolio

A secure web based software service combined with a Financial Planning Process provides the critical context for spending and investing decisions.

Common Personal Finance technologies like spend tracking and automated investing, can only help you execute your plan once you have one.

Gain a sound understanding of how much you should spend. Make spend tracking a useful practice.

Map out a path to achieve your personal goals. Set the context for investment portfolio planning.

What Do You Want Answers To Right Now?

FinanSavvy Answers Your Most Strategic Personal Finance Questions.

Plan For Retirement

Plan for Retirement

Create Budgets

Create Strategic Budgets

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Prepare To Invest

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Visualize the outcome of long term plans.