FinanSavvy Premium Edition

FinanSavvy Standard Edition is free, never expires and provides you a Forecast, a Budget and an Investment Portfolio to use with access to all features and no advertising. Some people will never want or need more than this.

FinanSavvy Premium Edition is a cost effective option for advanced users who want the ability to create and save multiple Forecasts, Budgets and Portfolios.

  • Compare Forecasts: Vary assumptions in different forecasts and compare how things change.
  • Baseline Plans: Save your original plan or even a copy each year. Later compare your latest plans with what you had previously predicted.
  • Budget for the Future: Make Budgets for use in future Life Events, for example an inflation adjusted "Retirement Budget".
  • Compare Budgets: Create different Budget flavors like "austerity" or "living lavishly" and try them out in your Forecasts.

Purchasing Premium Edition also helps fund new development and keeps the lights on so that we can continue to offer and improve both editions.

All purchases of access to Premium Edition are made by selecting ACCOUNT when you are logged into the product. You can pay by Credit Card or use PayPal.

Referral Program!
  • Click the REFER button in the product to refer a friend.
  • When they register they get a free session credit worth $29 for 30 days of premium access.
  • When they become a paying customer, you also get a free session credit.

Flexible Pricing for Premium Edition

Standard Edition


Any time you are not paying for Premium Edition, you get Standard Edition.

Edit "My Forecast", "My Budget" and "My Portfolio".

View access to all other Forecasts, Budgets and Portfolios.

30 Day Session(s)

$29 per session

Enable Premium Edition for 30 days at a time.

Create as many Forecasts, Budgets and Portfolios as you need.

Best value if you update your plans every 4 to 6 months.

Annual Subscription

$99 / year

Enable Premium Edition all of the time.

Create as many Forecasts, Budgets and Portfolios as you need.

Best value if you regularly update your plans. Renews automatically.

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