A Dynamic System for Making Financial Decisions

Your Forecast is your Personal Financial Plan!

FinanSavvy, used with the FinanSavvy Personal Financial Planning Process, is a whole new kind of software service. It is not for tracking what you have spent or picking investments. It is for helping you to confidently make forward looking decisions of all kinds about money.

Unlike the traditional 'Black Box' approach to planning where you sit down, answer a bunch of questions and get a set of recommendations, FinanSavvy provides an analytical system where you can enter and vary information about your financial circumstances, expectations and goals and determine a feasible way to balance these things for yourself.

  • Focus your spending, get more bang for your buck.
  • Connect short term decisions to long term financial accomplishments.
  • Plan for financial security and long term goals in the face of uncertainty.

Personal Financial Planning Software Features

  • A Flexible Budget Tool so that you can formulate optimal spending plans now and at different points in the future.
  • A Lifetime Viability Forecast that shows how liquid you can expect to be over time based on the inputs that you control.
  • Life Events, which let you plan for any number of future changes to any forecast assumptions.
  • The ability to create, copy and compare Forecasts and Budgets with varied assumptions to determine your best plan.
  • Automated inflation handling that lets you always enter values in today's dollars when making changes to future expectations.

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The FinanSavvy Personal Financial Planning Process

The FinanSavvy Personal Financial Planning Process is a systematic method for using FinanSavvy to gain the foundation required for answering important financial questions.

Following this best practice results in a personal strategic financial model. The Process guides you through the steps of creating a budget, describing investments (if any) and building a forecast for achieving lifelong goals. Once established, the model serves as a continuing basis for deciding how to spend, save and invest in a manner that balances lifestyle today with financial security and achieving long term financial goals.

You do not have to follow the process to use FinanSavvy. We believe that it represents the fastest, easiest way to start using the service to formulate a sound strategic plan. When you first create your FinanSavvy account you will start out in and gain access to the Resource Center where the process is described in detail.

How We Make It Easy

You can 'just use' FinanSavvy with no special financial or technical expertise. Instructions and tips are embedded throughout the software right where you need them.

  • FinanSavvy is Free. Standard edition doesn't expire, is feature rich and is all many people will ever need.
  • Easy Registration. Use an e-mail address and password or use Facebook or Google login.
  • Tutorial Videos and a Getting Started Guides.
  • Tool Tips throughout the product for just about every feature and input field.
  • Auto-Budgeting that uses US Bureau of Labor Statistics spending data to create a personalized Budget for you that you can edit.
  • A Collection of Wizards that walk you through common tasks such as starting a new Forecast, a Retirement Life Event and more.
  • Embedded Calculators to simplify the harder tasks like estimating your effective Income Tax rate or estimating how much you will draw from different investment accounts during retirement.
  • A Comprehensive Resource Center that that goes into all of the details.
  • A Finance Blog that addresses broader financial topics in plain English like budgeting best practices, things to consider when investing and discussions relevant to retirement planning.

Security and Privacy

Encrypted Secure

FinanSavvy does not require access to any of your bank accounts. We also know that your financial information is very personal and we have taken a number of steps that reflect this understanding.


  • Encrypted Communications.
  • No information about your identity other than your e-mail address is stored on our servers. Billing information is stored separately with PayPal Holdings, Inc and handled in a manner that meets the same strict PCI compliance standards required of banks.
  • Physical access to the servers hosted by Amazon Web Services is strictly controlled by professional security staff utilizing video surveillance, state of the art intrusion detection systems, and other electronic means. All visitors and contractors are required to present identification and are signed in and continually escorted by authorized staff.


  • Your email address is used exclusively as a login name and for communication directly with you by us.
  • The financial data that you enter into the system is used exclusively to provide the service to you.
  • We use cookies exclusively to track your login status (manage your session) and (optionally) so that you don't have to enter your email address every time you login to the product.
  • The personal information you provide us for the purpose of billing is used exclusively for billing according to the terms of our agreement.

If at some point in the future we think we can improve the service by changing this in some way we will let you know first using the e-mail for your account. At that point we will give you the opportunity to opt-in, opt-out or cancel depending on what we want to do.

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