Net Home Equity Forecast Calculator

The Home Equity Forecaster helps you to estimate how much money you would net after paying off a fixed rate mortgage and transaction costs from the future sale of a home. It allows you to provide basic information about the terms of your loan, the value of your property and assumptions about how rapidly it will increase in value to provide this estimate.

Amount Borrowed (This can be zero):
Month Borrowed:
Year Borrowed (e.g. 2012):
Annual Percentage Interest Rate or APR (13 for 13% ):
Monthly Loan Payment Planned:
Note: This amount for Monthly Loan Payment should only be the loan payment portion of your monthly payment, excluding other common costs like PMI and escrow witholdings for property taxes and insurance
Current Value of the property (sites like Zillow and Trulia can help you estimate this):
Estimated % annual increase in value from now forward (3 for 3%):
Month you sell the property:
Year you sell the property:
Transaction % costs/Realtor fees (6 for 6%):

Please enter assumptions and click the Calculate button to see your results here.

Based on your assumptions, the forecasted property value will be: $ on /.
The amount of principle you will still owe on that date is: $
The transaction fees involved in the sale are estimated to be: $
So the approximate net proceeds you will get from the sale would be: $

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