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My name is Greg Rice and I started Sightful Software and write this blog because I believe that enhanced financial literacy and thoughtfulness can have a huge positive impact on people's lives.  I want to contribute to that. 

budgets, retirement planner and personal finance blog

Working for more than 20 years as a business planner, strategist and company founder in the corporate software industry I've come to appreciate the huge impact technology can have on this goal.  Also having done budgeting, planned spending and forecasted profits (aka savings) for large and small corporations, I can see how families would benefit tremendously by applying the same techniques to their finances. Everything I write and do on this topic reflects a passion for empowering people with financial tools and expertise, and the application of the following experience to the financial challenges faced by individuals and families:

  • Foundational mathematical, modeling and financial expertise from earning a degree in Physics and an MBA from Rutgers University.
  • Over 20 years developing comprehensive financial business plans for many different kinds of ventures and investments with cost, benefit and risk analysis.
  • Over 20 years formulating financial forecasts in complex situations with a wide range of uncertainties.
  • Designed a successful product used by managers of large scale projects to plan and track the expenditure of time, money and resources vs. initial expectations and measure the results.
  • Over 20 years of do-it-yourself investment management, spanning two major market crashes.

I hope you enjoy and gain from reading this blog and from using FinanSavvy. Let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you!

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