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The Forecast is the Personal Financial Plan!

FinanSavvy Changes Lives

Unlike common spend tracking or investment management oriented systems, FinanSavvy brings a laser like focus on helping regular people understand the otherwise nearly incomprehensible direction of their personal financial lives.

We help employees confidently make forward looking decisions.

  • Focus spending, get more bang for the buck.
  • Connect short term decisions to long term financial accomplishments.
  • Plan for financial security and long term goals in the face of uncertainty.

The clarity FinanSavvy provides eliminates the stress that comes from ambiguity about employee's long term ability to be successful.

This is not the traditional 'Black Box' approach to planning where a person sits down, answers a bunch of questions and gets a set of recommendations.

FinanSavvy is an interactive system where employees can enter and vary information about their financial circumstances, expectations and goals and decide on a validated way of balancing these things for themselves.

Recommendations are provided in real-time on topics ranging from the sensibility of inputs to best practices. They address things like the validity of forecast assumptions (e.g. expected investment returns, assumed tax rates), and reflect best practice based guidance, assessing things such as if savings reflect a sufficient emergency reserve across the forecasted timeframe, if planned retirement withdrawals appear to meet IRS minimums later in life, or if their plan accounts for a long enough lifespan.

Financial Wellness that Bridges the Financial Services Gap

FinanSavvy provides the critical context for spending and investing decisions.

Employees gain a sound understanding of how much they should spend. This make spend tracking a useful practice. Employees map out a path to achieve personal goals. This sets the context for investment portfolio planning.

The FinanSavvy Personal Financial Planning Process

The FinanSavvy Personal Financial Planning Process provides a systematic method for using FinanSavvy to answer important financial questions.

The Process guides employees through the specific steps of creating a budget, describing investments, and building a forecast that includes achieving long term financial goals. The result is a strategic personal financial model. This continuously updated model serves as a basis for confidently deciding how to spend, save and invest in a manner that balances a best achievable lifestyle today with financial security and accomplishment of those goals.

a process for using the financial wellness software

Employees do not have to follow the process to use FinanSavvy. We believe that it represents the fastest, easiest way to start using the service to formulate a sound strategic plan. When a FinanSavvy account is created, employees will start out in and gain access to the Resource Center where along with other helpful materials, the process is described in detail.

A Hyper-Personal Forecast

A Life Long Plan To Achieve Goals and Stay Financially Viable.

What do I need to earn, save and gain from investing to achieve my long term goals? Am I on track?

Employees provide expectations and assumptions, then FinanSavvy presents a detailed lifelong forecast of what their available financial assets would be. Employees can:

  • Control all of the assumptions in their Forecasts.
  • Chart a completely personalized journey using Life Events.
  • Account for everything that will impact outcomes including taxes and inflation.
  • Use calculators to help set assumptions like tax rates or investment allocations.
  • Use Wizards to create Life Events to reflect plans like major purchases or retirement.
  • Graph forecasted assets, investments, income, spending and more.
  • View a detailed, written, printable summary of their Financial Plan.
  • View auto-generated recommendations for improving the quality of their plan.
financial wellness addresses long term plans

More Than Budgets - Strategic Spending Plans

Decision Support For Spending.

Can I improve my lifestyle without spending more? How much can I spend?

Smarter spending and planning for the the future is what FinanSavvy is all about. Employees can:

  • Start with an Instant Budget that uses their income and US Bureau of Labor Statistics spending data to create a personalized Budget that they can edit.
  • Organize spending into standard and custom categories.
  • Record spending as weekly, monthly or annual.
  • Graphically analyze spending by category.
  • Benchmark spending vs. national averages.
  • Easily make 'what-if' comparisons, enabling and disabling line-items on the fly.
  • Apply budgets to long term forecasts.

See How Easy It Is

financial wellness includes smarter spending today

Create multiple budgets, then use them in forecasts.

Visualize the outcome of long term plans.

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