Sightful Software Publishes the FinanSavvy Personal Financial Planning Process

April 8, 2018 - Austin, TX - Sightful Software, Inc. Starting today FinanSavvy users can choose to follow the new FinanSavvy Personal Financial Planning Process when they log into the service. This process describes a best practice for individuals and families using FinanSavvy to create a completely personal strategic plan for achieving financial goals.

The Personal Financial Planning Process presents users with an optional approach to getting started with and getting full value out of the FinanSavvy software. It provides a detailed set of steps for crafting a personal plan using the full range of capabilities offered in an efficient manner.

"We intentionally developed FinanSavvy to allow people to start in whatever part of the solution that they want to based on their immediate goals and interests. The Budgets, Investments and Forecasts, sections, while integrated with each other, each stand alone" said Greg Rice, President of Sightful Software, Inc. "What he have found is that some people want more prescriptive guidance, and the Personal Financial Planning Process offers exactly that."

"FinanSavvy addresses a critical need in personal financial planning, which is designing a budget using a reasonable forecast of how that budget will affect a family's future." said Kevin X. Smith, Managing Principal at Austin Wealth Management.

About Sightful Software, Inc.

Sightful Software believes in the idea that learning by engaging and experimenting with a dynamic system is the best way to improve financial literacy. This belief is reflected in the FinanSavvy software service. Unlike common spend tracking or investment management oriented systems, FinanSavvy brings a laser like focus on helping regular people understand the otherwise nearly incomprehensible direction of their personal financial lives. FinanSavvy helps individuals and families make forward looking decisions.

  • Focus spending, get more bang for the buck.
  • Connect short term decisions to long term financial accomplishments.
  • Plan for financial security and long term goals in the face of uncertainty.

The clarity FinanSavvy provides eliminates the stress that comes from ambiguity about one's long term ability to be successful by helping anyone find their personal best path forward., a service provided by Sightful Software, Inc. of Austin Texas.

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