Sightful Software Announces Initiatives to Make it Easy for any Company to Offer Financial Wellness Benefits

November 12, 2018 - Austin, TX - Sightful Software, Inc. announced today a set of programs to make it faster and easier than ever for companies of all sizes to offer employees Financial Wellness Benefits.

Nearly all organizations are investigating offering Financial Wellness benefits to their employees, and for good reason. Studies showing financial concerns are a leading cause of stress and that employees often spend hours per week on the job dealing with personal financial issues. Further, employees increasingly expect Financial Wellness as part of a competitive benefits package.

The steps that Sightful Software are taking include the following:

  • Unprecedented low cost with packages starting at $700/year for smaller organizations.
  • Low Risk options including inexpensive pilot programs to assess employee engagement.
  • Administration as a Service. Our people set up and manage the service for you, minimizing the impact on strained HR resources.

"Most HR Benefits Professional have tremendous demands on their time, and very finite budgets" said Greg Rice, President of Sightful Software, Inc. "But if you have thought that this means you cannot offer Financial Wellness to your employees, we are changing that. Financial Wellness is increasingly non-optional, and we see an opportunity, based on our self directed and scalable software based approach, to make it so that literally any organization can easily offer Financial Wellness to their employees."

About Sightful Software, Inc.

Sightful software delivers a high impact, low cost SaaS based financial wellness benefit for employers to offer to their employees. Sightful Software believes in the idea that learning by engaging and experimenting with a dynamic system is the best way to improve employee financial literacy and instill the confidence and peace of mind that comes with it. This belief is reflected in the FinanSavvy software service. Unlike common spend tracking or investment management oriented systems, FinanSavvy brings a laser like focus on helping regular people understand the otherwise nearly incomprehensible direction of their personal financial lives. FinanSavvy helps individuals and families make forward looking decisions.

  • Focus spending, get more bang for the buck.
  • Connect short term decisions to long term financial accomplishments.
  • Plan for financial security and long term goals in the face of uncertainty.

The clarity FinanSavvy provides eliminates the stress that comes from ambiguity about one's long term ability to be successful by helping anyone find their personal best path forward., a service provided by Sightful Software, Inc. of Austin Texas.

Contact E-Mail: Mailing Address: 10539 Grand Oak Circle, Austin TX 78750.

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