For HR: Employer Sponsored Financial Wellness

Financial worries can be an acute distraction. Financial health leads to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

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household budgets, retirement and financial planning software

Empower Employees to Balance Today With Tomorrow

Budgets to Spend Smarter - Employees Can:

Forecasts for the Future - Employees Can:

A Personal Lifetime Viability Forecast

A Plan To Achieve Goals.

What do I need to earn, save and gain from investing to achieve my long term goals? Am I on track?

Employees can provide and experiment with expectations and assumptions, then FinanSavvy presents a detailed lifelong forecast of what available financial assets would be over time.

  • Control all of the assumptions in the Forecast.
  • Chart a more personalized journey using Life Events.
  • Account for everything that will impact outcomes including taxes and inflation.
  • Use calculators to help set assumptions like tax rates or investment allocations.
  • Use Wizards to create Life Events to reflect plans like major purchases or retirement.
  • Graph forecasted assets, investments, income, spending and more.
  • View a detailed written summary of their Financial Plan.

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household budgets, retirement and financial planning software

More Than Budgets - Strategic Spending Plans

Decision Support For Spending.

Can I improve my lifestyle without spending more? How much can I spend?

Smarter spending and planning for the the future is what FinanSavvy is all about. Employees can:

  • Organize spending into standard and custom categories.
  • Record spending as weekly, monthly or annual.
  • Graphically analyze spending by category.
  • Benchmark spending vs. national averages.
  • Easily make 'what-if' comparisons, enabling and disabling line-items on the fly.
  • Apply budgets to long term forecasts.

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household budgets, retirement and financial planning software

The Missing Piece In The Finance Technology Landscape

A secure web based software service combined with a Financial Planning Process provides the context for spending and investing decisions.

Gain a sound understanding of how saving supports goals. Make spend tracking a useful practice.

Map out a path to achieve personal goals. Set the context for investment portfolio planning.

The FinanSavvy for HR Program

A cost effective Financial Wellness program for your employees.

FinanSavvy for HR provides a fast track to delivering a uniquely valuable wellness program to your employees. With FinanSavvy for HR you get:

  • Year Round Premium access to the FinanSavvy service for all of your employees.
  • Automated account creation, direct acces and automated login from your trusted systems.
  • A secure and scalable solution offered as a hosted service.
  • The option of a branded solution using your company and logo.
  • E-Mail templates and brochure templates for program introduction. Right to internal use of FinanSavvy Personal Finance Blog content.
  • Special group plan discounts for your organization vs. retail user pricing.

E-Mail us at or call (512) 656-5180 to learn more.

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Create multiple budgets, then use them in forecasts.

Visualize the outcome of long term plans.