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My name is Greg Rice and I am the founder and President of Sightful Software, the provider of FinanSavvy. We created this new kind of service because money is a difficult topic. People worry a lot about money whether they earn a lot of it or not. I did for most of my life.

I worry a lot less about money now. This is in part because I understand the things that FinanSavvy will help you to understand if you use it. Some of those things include:

  • You have a lot of control over how things turn out for you financially in the long run, even if you have what feels like very little control in the short term.
  • You can gain a feel for the factors that combine to determine your financial success over time. There are many different things to consider in combination, but not infinite things.
  • Uncertainty can be managed. There is a lot of uncertainty about the individual things that effect your financial outcomes and about the short term, but looked at on the whole and with a longer term perspective, that uncertainty is far less.
  • Financial literacy cannot be outsourced. A "black box", whether software or a person, where you feed in a pile of information and get told what to do will not lead to success. Things will change quickly invalidating that advice. More importantly, if you do not understand yourself how specific behaviors connect to long term outcomes, you will not be inspired to engage in them.

The Company

We are a small company. This means that we will not compromise our sole mission of helping people take control of their financial well being. We do not sell investment products or take money from people who do. We do not want your portfolio or even to tell you how to invest. Our users are our only customer and who we are entirely beholden to and dependent upon. If you like the product we are counting on you to subscribe to the "Premium Edition" to keep the lights on. Check it out, we think it is well worth the modest fee we charge., a service provided by Sightful Software, Inc. of Austin Texas.

Contact E-Mail: Mailing Address: 10539 Grand Oak Circle, Austin TX 78750.

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