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The most personal financial planning software ever made, and it's free (really!).

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household budgets, retirement and financial planning software

Make Better Decisions About Money.

A secure web based software service combined with a Financial Planning Process.

See how circumstances and plans lead to specific financial outcomes. Don't rely on "black box" approaches to planning.

Gain a sound understanding of how much you should spend. Make spend tracking a useful practice.

Map out a path to achieve your personal goals. Set the context for investment portfolio planning.

What Do You Want Answers To Right Now?

FinanSavvy Answers Your Most Strategic Personal Finance Questions.

Plan For Retirement

Plan for Retirement

Create Budgets

Create Strategic Budgets

Prepare To Invest

Prepare To Invest

More Than Budgets - Strategic Spending Plans

Decision Support For Spending.

Can I improve my lifestyle without spending more? How much can I spend?

Your circumstances, short term priorities and major goals combine to determine the right answer.

Smarter spending and planning for the the future is what FinanSavvy is all about.

  • Benchmark spending vs. national averages
  • Fine tune your spending plans to get more bang for your buck
  • Analyze spending by category
  • Easily make 'what-if' comparisons
  • Apply budgets to long term forecasts

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household budgets, retirement and financial planning software

Craft Your Lifetime Viability Forecast

An Overall Vision Is Necessary For Investment Planning.

What are my long term goals? What role does investing play in achieving them? How much risk makes sense for me?

FinanSavvy delivers personalized answers to your most important finance and investing questions. Lifetime Viability Forecasts with Life Events graphically illustrate how a planned combination of income, spending, and investing expectations translate to a sustainable lifestyle and achievement of your long term goals.

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household budgets, retirement and financial planning software

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Create multiple budgets, then use them in forecasts.

Visualize the outcome of long term plans.