A Better Financial Wellness Benefit

For employees: The most personal vision for financial security and success.
For employers: Low risk, valued benefit, for a low price.

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Bridge the Financial Services Gap

Offer employees vital Strategic Planning capabilities that they cannot find elsewhere.

Spend tracking tools, investment services and generic educational materials have been widely available for decades.

FinanSavvy strategic planning provides context for these tactical services. FinanSavvy:

  • Helps employees come up with spending strategies that balance now and the future.
  • Enables employees to see a realistic path to attaining dearly held goals and permanently achieving financial viability.
  • Is unintimidating and easy for anyone to use.

Financial Wellness via Strategic Thinking

The best way to successfully start balancing today with tomorrow

The software makes every step easy, doing the math and providing guidance.

Budgets to Spend Smarter - Employees Can:

Forecasts for the Future - Employees Can:

Employer Sponsored Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Benefit is necessary to be competitve.

The average employer offering Financial Wellness spends $144 per employee per year (US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).

Financial stress is common, and work suffers.

The FinanSavvy Financial Wellness Benefit

Low risk, affordable and completely turnkey.

Get on a fast track to delivering a valuable wellness program to your employees.

Low risk, low cost pricing that starts at $700/year total for small organizations and goes as low as $0.20 per eligible employee per month for large organizations. Risk free evaluation periods and engagement based pricing also available.

With FinanSavvy you gain:

  • An approach free of conflict. No investment products or services to sell.
  • None of the liabilities or risks that come with financial services that offer investment advice (we do not need to).
  • None of the security risks associated with services that require bank and investment account credentials.
  • A solution offered as a hosted service that is implemented and managed for you, secure and scalable.

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