Empower Your Employees to Find Their Personal Path to Financial Security

A next generation Financial Wellness Benefit in the form of a unique strategic modeling tool wrapped in a literacy program.

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Employer Sponsored Financial Wellness

Does Your Financial Wellness Program Add Up?

As employers look for new ways to attract, retain and engage talent, an effective financial wellness program is increasingly a competitive necessity.

Financial stress is common, and work suffers.
54% of Americans say their financial situation is "only fair" or "poor". 4


Bridge the Financial Services Gap

Offer employees critical tools and skills that they cannot readily access elsewhere.

For the gainfully employed, financial stress is almost always the result of inadequate planning and prioritization. Until now, access to strategic financial planning has only been available to high net worth investors or people paying thousands of dollars.

In contrast, spend tracking services, educational content, and investment management have long been readily available to all at little or no cost.

Strategic planning provides context for the more tactical topics like spend tracking and portfolio design. We believe an effective Financial Wellness program must:

  • Help employees formulate spending strategies, independent of past behaviors, that balance now and the future.
  • Enable employees to envision and validate a realistic path to attaining dearly held goals and permanently achieving financial viability.
  • Be intuitive enough for anyone to use and benefit from.
  • Stand on its own or complement existing Financial Wellness efforts.
  • Be low cost enough to be accessible to HR professionals without extensive approvals, and minimize the impact on funding other programs and benefits.

Employees Learn to Balance Today With Tomorrow

A Strategic Essentials Focused Personal Financial Planning Process Combined with an Intuitive Modeling Tool

Budgets to Spend Smarter - Employees Can:

Forecasts for the Future - Employees Can:

The FinanSavvy Financial Wellness Program

Effective, affordable and completely turnkey.

Get on a fast track to delivering a uniquely valuable wellness program to your employees. With FinanSavvy you gain:

  • A program embodying a 'learn by doing' approach to holistic financial literacy founded on a concise planning process and robust web based software.
  • A solution offered as a hosted service that is quick to implement, easy to manage, secure and scalable.
  • Everything you need to roll out the program including E-Mail and brochure templates for introducing the program.
  • An approach free of bias or conflict. Our exclusive focus is our education and wellness software, we have no investment products or services to market or sell.
  • Affordable at $8 or less per employee per year.

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